Eleventy configuration

You can customize Eleventy starting file as you see fit.

The Eleventy JavaScript file

Eleventy uses a simple file, named by default .eleventy.js because of the leading dot it’s an hidden file , to define the settings of the building environment. This file is, by default, located at the root of the source folder but it can be put anywhere. The name itself can also be changed, if you see fit. 11tyTips modifies both the name, calling it make.js, and the location, putting it in the source/make/11ty directory.

This file defines the settings of the main resources used in the building process: libraries, shortcodes, filters, plugins, etc. 11tyTips fragments this monolithic file in specific modules, each devoted to a part of the configuration, all located in the source/make/11ty/ directory. The configuration object returned by the configuration/make file is important because it defines the location of the main components of the building process: the input and output directories, the templates processors, etc.

11tyTips declares its own set of directories, modifying some of the default names and locations for instance, the leading underscore character is suppressed for output, lib and matrix directories, in lieu of _output, _data and _includes; static directory is named assets, etc.


const MAKE_o =
  markdownTemplateEngine: 'njk',
  htmlTemplateEngine:     'njk',
  dataTemplateEngine:     'njk',
  templateFormats:        [ 'njk', 'md' ],
  passthroughFileCopy:    true,
  pathPrefix:             '/',
    input:    '.',
    output:   '../site',
    data:     'matter/assets/scripts/js/lib',
    includes: 'matrix',

tag_a: //: to create collections [ { tag_s: 'tip', sort_f: 'sortByRank__a' }, ], static_o: { "matrix/assets/static": "assets" }, //: static files dirs_o: { makeDir_s: './', pagesPartsDir_s: './matter/pages/parts', } }
module.exports = make_o => { make_o.tag_a = MAKE_o.tag_a make_o.matrixDir_s = MAKE_o.dir.includes make_o.pagesPartsDir_s = MAKE_o.dirs_o.pagesPartsDir_s make_o.addPassthroughCopy( MAKE_o.static_o ) ; [ 'libraries', 'shortcodes', 'filters', 'plugins', 'collections' ].forEach( make_s => require( `${MAKE_o.dirs_o.makeDir_s}${make_s}.js` )( make_o ) ) return MAKE_o // : return the configuration object for further customization }